Product Repair FAQ

When will the service company call?
The service company will contact you within 1 business day of registering your call.

How long before the service company comes out to my home?
Your arranged service should be as soon as a day or days, even same day in emergency situations.

Does the service company work on Saturdays?
Some do. Check with your assigned servicer for availability.

Where is the service company coming from, (what area)?
Service companies are generally in, and come from the geographic area surrounding your place of service.

What does the warranty cover?
Refer to your warranty for specifics. However, service plans typically cover all the functioning electrical/mechanical parts and labor necessary to keep your product operating as it was designed.

Why do I need information (model, serial, invoice) can’t you just look it up?
In most cases it is not required. The repair request process will walk you through each step only asking information that is not available in your record.

Why don’t the technicians have parts on their truck? How long do I have to wait for parts?
Servicers carry as many parts as they possibly can, to repair the most number of units in the least amount of trips. With all the customization of today’s units, many of the parts that were standard to all units in years past, are just not the same. Your inconvenience to get a part should be infrequent and a minimum. If you find otherwise, please contact us for an escalation of your circumstance.

What happens if the unit cannot be repaired?
If a covered repair cannot be accomplished, you may be eligible for a replacement. Certain terms and conditions do apply, which may vary between the manufacturer’s warranty and an ABC Extended Service Plan.. Your service representative can explain the details of each.