Product Repair Info

Need a Repair?
If one of your products requires repair we've got you covered. Scheduling the repair is a simple process. Simply follow the steps below.

Quick and Easy Repair Steps


Find Repair Document

To request service you will need to get either your Bill of Sale from when you purchased the product, or the Blue Certificate that was mailed to you, after the purchase.

Bill of Sale
You will need a Bill of Sale if your warranty is through the manufacturer or if you are covered by a "warranty plus" (indicated on the bill of sale).
This is an example of a Bill of Sale.

Blue Certificate
You will need a Blue Certificate if your service protection was purchased after the product was delivered to you.
This is an example of a Blue Certificate.

Cannot Find Repair Document
If you are unable to find your repair document, you can search for it using our online repair request service.


Use Our Online Request Repair Service

Once you have determined which repair document you need, you will need to complete our online service repair request form.

The process is very straight forward. First you will be asked to identify which repair document you have. Next you will be asked to enter some information from your repair document to help us locate your record. Once the system has found your record you will select the product, or products that require repair, and then fill out some basic information related to the repair. Once your satisified with your information, simply submit the request to complete the process.

If you don't have your repair document information, you can search for it by entering some information that will help us locate your customer record. Once we've located your record you will be able to select and review each warranty and bill of sale we have on record.


We'll Contact You Within 1 Business Day

Once you have successfully completed our online Service Repair Request form, we will process your request and one of our service representatives will follow up and contact you to arrange service within 1 business day.