Terms and Conditions

What is Covered

This service agreement applies to the items listed on the reverse side for the period(s) indicated. Any manufacturers warranty is included. All functional parts and related labor (those items which are required to keep the product operating as it was designed) are included at no additional cost to the bearer (subject to conditions listed).

Place of Service

Home service indicated by H. on reverse entitles the customer to have the service technician come to their home. If the product is not repairable in the home, the service technician may take the product with him/her, however, upon repair of the product the item will be returned to the home by the technician, shop service, indicated by S or D. on reverse requires the customer to bring/mail his or her item into an ABC authorized servicer (shipping and transportation costs are the responsibility of customer) for a listing of the ABC authorized services, call 800-722-3333. Under no circumstances should the customer return the unit to any ABC warehouse store without prior authorization. Service will be performed during normal business hours.

Replacement of Product

In all cases in which the product has failed, and the reasons or parts which have failed are under the terms of this agreement, ABC warehouse will attempt to repair the product or defect as many times as necessary or required, if at the sole discretion of ABC warehouse. An item under this agreement is un-repairable (an item is not to be considered to be un-repairable if there are temporary parts delays). ABC warehouse may elect to replace the item with an equivalently featured product of current technology. The replacement item will be selected by ABC warehouse, and upon replacement. The unused portion of any existing extended warranty will be cancelled and no coverage will be transferred, refunded or credited. Cancellation of a warranty due to exchange shall not relieve the purchaser from any payment obligation. The item being replaced will be returned to ABC.

More Peace of Mind

By acceptance of extended service coverage purchaser expressly agrees that: (1) All obligations of ABC warehouse under extended service coverage will be assigned to ABC warranty corporation and ABC warranty corporation will assume and fulfill all obligations under extended service coverage; (2) Upon assignment of its obligations under extended service coverage to ABC warranty corporation, ABC warehouse shall have no further obligation or liability to purchaser under extended service coverage, and (3) in the event that ABC warranty corporation purchases an insurance policy insuring purchaser against any costs for repair (parts and labor) of the above described items for the time period described on the reverse side, then ABC warranty corporation shall have no further obligation or liability to purchaser under extended warranty plus.

By acceptance of extended coverage, purchaser further acknowledges and agrees that (1) all claims under extended service coverage and/or any insurance coverage substituted for extended service coverage must be processed through ABC warehouse and (2) extended service coverage does not and will not make any reimbursement or cash outlays to any person or company not previously authorized.

What is Not Covered

It does not cover products damaged by accident, misuse, neglect, fire, flood, or acts of god, Commercial use or use outside of the continental United States. All items must be readily accessible to servicers. No custom installations or modifications are included. Incidental or consequential losses due to product failure are not included in this agreement. Normal maintenance cleanings (other than specifically listed), missing parts, cabinetry, antennas, light bulbs freely accessible to the customer, or adjustments which are in the customers control are excluded. ABC warehouse shall not be responsible for any unauthorized repairs.


You may cancel this transaction within 30 days of the transaction date as indicated on the reverse side for a full refund provided that: 1. You have not used any service under this agreement. 2. You have returned this, the original invoice and / or warranty document to ABC warehouse, P.O. Box 71048, Madison Heights, Michigan 48071. 3. You have submitted the correct date of purchase and model number(s).

It is customer’s responsibility to verify upon receipt of the invoice and / or warranty document that the date of purchase, and model number(s) are correct within thirty (30) days upon receipt of the invoice and / or warranty document.